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Tourist Office

A warm welcome to Badia Tedalda, in the province of Arezzo!

Tourist Office

A warm welcome to Badia Tedalda, in the province of Arezzo!

We share the uniqueness of our lands

Attention, care and dedication to our territory are the key factors that have characterized the work of the Association Pro Loco of Badia Tedalda for more than five decades. This great passion for Badia Tedalda territory and its Alpe della Luna, and the endless desire to show and promote all the peculiarities, memories, natural and historical riches, but also the cultural and folk resources that have always outlined our unique border land.

Orchis mascula centro visite natura e uomini Badia Tedalda
Valmarecchia Toscana Romagna e Montefeltro una sola terra

The Pro Loco Association

TheTourist Association Pro Loco of Badia Tedalda carefully manages theTourist Information Office of Badia Tedalda, the Visitor Centre “Natura e Uomini – Alpe della Luna and Pratieghi”, the Local Museum of Tuscan Alta Valmarecchia and the holiday house Youth Hostel of Piscina Nera..

Pro Loco has always been the driving force leading the main projects and activities to promote the Alpe della Luna Nature Reserve and theNatural Protected Area Taxus Baccata of Pratieghialso paying particular attention to the recovery of memories and past traditions of our territory. An extensive support programme for the development of local research has been conducted by our Association, producing many publications, conferences, as well as photographic and painting contests. The collaborations with public and private subjects have been numerous. a special mention is dedicated to the collaboration with the social cooperative Costess of Jesi (AN) which gave birth to theHistorical Park of the Gothic Line.thanks to common efforts, two important initiatives for Badia Tedalda were born: the Gothic Line Historical Park and the cycling event “the Biozzi Way”.

Thanks to the Pro Loco commitment, in 2011 a “Memory Park” (Parco della Memoria) was inaugurated at the entrance of the town , with the aim of remembering the fallen of Badia Tedalda during the World War II – an initiative that received the recognition of the then President of the Republic, Hon. Giorgio Napolitano.

Services for you

Hostel Piscina Nera

Hostel with 5 dormitory rooms and 40 beds in total.
We organize guided tours with educators and environmental guides.

Itineraries and Excursions

Everything you need to orient yourself in the Badia Tedalda area. We will provide useful info and materials to discover our lands.

Visitor Centre

The Visitor Center “Nature and Humans – Alpe della Luna and Pratieghi,” located in the heart of Badia Tedalda, offers an exhibition and interactive tour. Represents the perfect gateway to explore the natural environment of Alpe della Luna, as well as having a closer look at the history and culture of the Upper Marecchia Valley

Punto Digitale Facile (Digital Facilitation Centre)

Inside the Pro Loco and Visit Badia Tedalda office you can also have access to the Digital Facilitation Centre: a place where you can receive support, assistance and training for access and use of all digital technologies and services. Here you will find an operator ready to welcome you and a personal PC workstation. The Punto Digitale Facile is open from Monday to Thursday from 11.30 to 16.30, and on Friday from 11.30 to 15.30.

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Visit Badia Tedalda Tourist Office of Badia Tedalda

Where to eat and sleep

Hospitality and local food typical of Badia Tedalda, in the province of Arezzo​