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The Historical Park of the Gothic Line

An open-air museum

A strategic territory

The territory of Badia Tedalda was considered strategically important by the Germans during World War II and became the “heart” of the defensive system known as the Gothic Line, built in 1944 all along the Central Apennines in order to block advancing Allies.

linea gotica itinerari badia tedalda fortificazioni storiche
linea gotica resti di fortificazioni badia tedalda

The Gothic Line in Badia Tedalda

A journey to remember the history of World War II.

In the area of Badia Tedalda, the remains of fortifications are preserved in a suggestive and untouched natural environment, accessible through the trails of the Historical Park of the Gothic Line.

The Historical Park of the Gothic Line is a true open-air museum: it was established in 2011 with the aim of enhancing the material and immaterial heritage left to us by the events of the last century, and it offers visitors a series of routes that connect the most interesting sites to recreate a “journey into memories”.

The park also includes two educational trails starting from the town of Badia Tedalda, along which visitors can find both remains of fortifications, reconstructed positions, and explanatory information panels.

parco storico della linea gotica itinerari badia tedalda


A journey through the events of the World War II fought in our territory. Itineraries to discover the history immersed in the nature of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines.

The Gothic Line Trails

A journey to discover the defensive system built all along the Central Apennines by the German troops, During World War II.