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Naturalistic and Historical Itineraries in Badia Tedalda

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Monte dei Frati La Ripa della luna alpe della luna badia tedalda
path length: 14 KM
Height difference: 990 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

The trail starts from “Poggio la Piazzola,” reachable by car from Badia Tedalda by taking the road from the river to Monteviale.
It runs along the ridge of the Alpe della Luna, a watershed between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas, reaching Monte dei Frati (m 1453), the highest elevation of the mountain chain. Still descending on the ridge, it reaches the upper ridge of Ripa della Luna. The spectacular descent from Monte Maggiore should be enjoyed unhurriedly.

path length: 5.5 KM
Height difference: 290 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

The Source of the Marecchia River is located on Mount Zucca, at about 930 meters above sea level, amidst a thick beech forest. Before flowing into the Adriatic Sea, the Marecchia runs through about 70 km of territory, giving its name to the valley where it flows (Valmarecchia ). It crosses an evocative area of gullies and clay marls to reach a Beech forest first and finally the source of the Marecchia River. Along the path leading to the Marecchia Springs, you will also encounter Dante's Spring (Fonte di Dante).

path length: 5.5 KM
Height difference: E (Hiking)
difficulty: 290 MT

The trail departure is from the hamlet of Viamaggio, along the regional road that goes from Badia up to the Viamaggio Pass. It descends to Fattoria del Ferraiolo, then through a beautiful forest of beech and ancient turkey oaks, fording several small streams, reaches the ruins of the ancient Monks Palace.

path length: 8 KM
Height difference: 430 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

Gorgascura valley and its isolated way are known as The Smugglers' Way because it was used by smugglers carrying illegally the salt from Romagna and the tobacco from Valtiberina from nearly the beginning of the Second World War, so avoiding to pay duties.
Walk through this historic ring path which starts from the Moon Road and arrives at the small and ancient hamlet of Acquaviva.

transumanza badia tedalda viamaggio


La Via dei Biozzi è una direttrice della transumanza, la più orientale, che scende dall’Appennino tosco-romagnolo fino in Maremma. The Biozzi Route is the easternmost route of transhumance, descending from the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines to the Maremma. It’s named after the Biozzi family, the largest landowners and livestock breeders in the Upper Val Marecchia. Originally from Bagno di Romagna, they had land, herds, and flocks throughout the area, particularly in the Badia Tedalda area where their largest estate was located in Viamaggio. Thousands of sheeps, as well as cattle and horses, would start their journey from the Viamaggio farm in September, reaching Maremma in ten days.

The itinerary that follows this ancient route now spans approximately 230 km, passingì through the provinces of Arezzo, Siena, and Grosseto.

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