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The Visitor Center of Badia Tedalda

To get to know and delve into the territory of Alpe della Luna

The Moon Way

An historical bridge between Tuscan and Le Marche

A path to explore the wild nature

The Moon Way connects Badia Tedalda with Borgo Pace, bridging the Tuscan and Marchigian communities in this stretch of the Apennines, traversing small rural settlements and ancient villages where nature remains unspoiled and human intervention has not altered its appearance.
This road has been well travelled over the centuries by wayfarers, merchants, pilgrims, and notable figures in history such as St. Francis, Dante, and Piero della Francesca.

Gladiolo selvatico riserva naturale alpe della luna
Strada della Luna alpe della luna panorama

From the Moon Way starts

Hiking and Mountain-bike trails

Along the Alpe della Luna Nature Reserve, unique and enchanted scenarios open up to us: Acquaviva, Castellacciola, Ca’ Metrogno, Montelabreve, and Gorgoscura are some of the small rural villages where you can still witness a human presence and can pause to admire beautiful landscapes amid the winding roads.

path length: 10.4 KM
Height difference: 840 MT
difficulty: EE (for expert hikers)

Walk through the paths of the Gothic Line and the events of World War II fought in our territory.
The Hinton Brown trail was born from a diary. The diary of a pilot who, aboard his Spitfire, was hit by German flak on the 3rd of July in 1944 as he returned from a mission.

path length: 8 KM
Height difference: 430 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

Gorgascura valley and its isolated way are known as The Smugglers' Way because it was used by smugglers carrying illegally the salt from Romagna and the tobacco from Valtiberina from nearly the beginning of the Second World War, so avoiding to pay duties.
Walk through this historic ring path which starts from the Moon Road and arrives at the small and ancient hamlet of Acquaviva.


Reach one of the gateways to the Alpe della Luna Nature Reserve, you will find a lovely waterfall and also a well equipped area. Just 3 km from Badia Tedalda, it is a great spot for picnicking.


Retrace the events of World War II fought in our territory. Some itineraries to discover history, immersed in the nature of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines.

Natural Reserve of Alpe
della Luna

A treasure trove of natural wonders

Dense beechwoods, breathtaking scenery crossed by waterfalls and naturally formed rock pools. The Alpe della Luna Nature Reserve boasts many natural treasures in a totally intact and wild environment, reachable only through winding forest paths; a unique land which also inspired the art of Piero della Francesca.