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Local Museum of Tuscan Alta Valmarecchia

A broader look into the historical and religious background of our area.

Local Museum of Tuscan Alta Valmarecchia

A broader look into the historical and religious background of our area.

A journey through history

From a historical, artistic and architectural point of view, the territory of Badia Tedalda is affected by the presence of remains, historical treasures, photographs and documents dating back to various historical eras.

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The Local Museum

The small yet distinctive museum of Tuscan Alta Valmarecchia, can be found on the lower floor of the Visitors Centre. It provides a broader look into the local historical and religious background of the area. Precious finds are carefully stored here, examples that give us a glimpse into its origins, including fossils, minerals and a collection of archaeological relics: architectural remnants dating back to the Middle Ages, Romanesque and Lombard periods.

We can also find a lapidarium of materials mostly sourced from the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and Cicognaia, including fragments of an arch, originally adorning the main entrance, various fragments of capitals and architectural, decorative pieces from the XI and XVI centuries. There is also a unique monolithic lunette with a bust of the Virgin Mary in archaic style. 

The tour continues with the memory chest, a collection of historical photographs that portray people, events and moments about life in Badia Tedalda during the last century. The precious historical archive of Don Amedeo Potito, donated by himself to the Municipality of Badia Tedalda, is also preserved inside the Museum. Don Potito was an attentive reasearcher of local history, scholar of Church history and author of numerous works that enriched the historical memories of the entire Alta Valmarecchia, but more in particular of Badia Tedalda.

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A meeting point for locals and tourists

The main room of the Local Museum of Tuscan Alta Valmarecchia is equipped with many seats and audio video devices: that makes it a perfect meeting location for cultural and informative events of various kinds, such as conferences, conventions, meetings and book presentations.

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