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Flavours and handcrafting of our lands

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Flavours of a border land

Due to its privileged location as a borderland, the local cuisine is rich and delicious, despite the typical dishes being rooted in peasant tradition and made with simple ingredients. Local Tuscan Cuisine offers delightful seasonal delights

tortelli alla lastra piatto tradizionale badia tedalda
Badia Tedalda Comune Visione Aerea

Our Local Produce

To begin, it’s worth mentioning the excellent IGP Chianina beef, raised in the pristine pastures of Badia Tedalda.
For over two decades, continuing the tradition of the ancient Ranco cattle fair, the National Exhibition of Chianina Cattle has been held at Ponte Presale, near the “Centro Servizi e Selezione Manze.”
Another specialty of the Badia Tedalda region is forest products, including seasonal mushrooms like morel mushrooms, porcini, and truffles (Scorzone, Nero Pregiato, and White Truffle), to be savoured with homemade egg pasta: tagliatelle, ricotta and spinach ravioli, cappelletti, gnocchi, and passatelli. These are still tantalisingly prepared by hand in almost all local trattorias and restaurants today.

Forest Fruits

There are also local companies engaged in the collection and processing of forest fruits, producing jams and marmalades while presenting traditional recipes in a modern form, passed down from grandparents, in respect of nature and tradition.

Cheese, Honey and Spirits

Furthermore, there are local producers of excellent cheeses, honey and spirits like spinello or gineprino, made from hand picked wild fruits.

Pasta Luna

Another local excellence is Pasta Luna, handcrafted using organic flours produced exclusively in our lands.

Some of the most popular and delicious traditional dishes are panzanella (a summer version of ribollita), Tuscan crostini di fegatini (crostini with livers), sausages in oil, raviggiolo (place to drain on a bed of fern), tortelli di patate alla piastra (tortelli with potatoes) and the migliaccio della Valmarecchia.

All products from local farms and producers can be found and purchased at grocery stores in Badia Tedalda.

crostini fegatini sapori badia tedalda e il suo territorio
alsicce sott olio sapori badia tedalda

Craftsmanship in Badia Tedalda

A story of Art, Passion and Solidarity

Luthier Workshop

In the village of Badia Tedalda, there’s a luthier workshop born from the passion and creative talent of Francesco Venturi, a carpenter who is dedicated to designing and building acoustic guitars, using fine materials and woods such as cedar, rosewood, mahogany, and flamed maple.

Cosmetics Workshop

There’s also a cosmetics workshop specialising in the production of natural cosmetics using organic and eco-friendly formulas and raw materials.

A Mano Libera

The “A Mano Libera” association is a group formed within the Pro Loco of Badia Tedalda, aiming to emphasise the use of hands as a creative tool and an opportunity for connection. A Mano Libera has chosen knitting as a means to initiate activities supporting women victims of violence. In August 2023, they inaugurated the Officina delle Donne, a space entirely dedicated to their authentic handcrafted work.

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