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The Ways of Francis in Badia Tedalda

Following in the footsteps of Saint Francis from Assisi

fresciano fresciano di sotto ponte tibetano
path length: 9 KM
Height difference: 500 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

This itinerary retraces two important links between the two main roads that crossed the territory of Badia Tedalda: the Via di Frassineto and the Via Major Ariminensis. It takes us to visit the oldest sacred places, the remains of the Roman bridge, the river environment of the Marecchia and its most characteristic villages.

path length: 12 KM
Height difference: 430 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

The segment of the route between Pratieghi and Valdazze was a very ancient road connecting Romagna and the Val Tiberina. It was also traveled by St. Francis and all the pilgrims from the Adriatic on their way to the Sanctuary of La Verna or Assisi.

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