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Itineraries of the Gothic Line in Badia Tedalda

A journey to discover the defensive works that the German army built on the Central Apennines during the Second World War.

parco storico della linea gotica itinerari badia tedalda
path length: 10.4 KM
Height difference: 840 MT
difficulty: EE (for expert hikers)

Walk through the paths of the Gothic Line and the events of World War II fought in our territory.
The Hinton Brown trail was born from a diary. The diary of a pilot who, aboard his Spitfire, was hit by German flak on the 3rd of July in 1944 as he returned from a mission.

path length: 3 KM
Height difference: 231 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

Start from the Memory Park on the outskirts of the town, set up to remember all civilian and military fallen of World War II. Inside the Park there are two educational paths through which visitors can observe the remains of fortifications, as well as some reconstructed posts and special explanatory and informative panels.

path length: 5 KM
Height difference: 631 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

The starting point can be reached by car from Badia Tedalda in about 10 minutes (you need to follow the signs for Monteviale and here turn left onto the dirt road to Poggio La Piazzuola). Once you leave the car in the square, before the bar on the right starts the path CAI No. 19 19 that goes up to Monte dei Frati. You take that path and follow it faithfully all the time.

path length: 5.5 KM
Height difference: 472 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)

The starting point is the Viamaggio Pass. Leave the car near Bar L'Alpe and take CAI trail No. 00 00 (signs are next to the Bar structure). Now you only need to follow the steadily but not strenuously trail uphill to Monte Verde, for about an hour's walk.

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