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Itineraries for the hamlets of Badia Tedalda

A journey to discover the quiet village life in the hamlets of Badia Tedalda

Cicognaia badia tedalda

Badia Tedalda → Rofelle → Gattara → Bascio → Cicognaia

By mountain bike

Starting from Badia Tedalda, follow the directions to Rofelle. Once you arrive there, just before reaching the Church of S. Maria Assunta, turn right towards the small locality of Piancastellano and continue to Gattara (RN) and then to Bascio. From here, by adding about half an hour to your journey, you can reach Cicognaia, and then return to Badia Tedalda by following the Marecchiese road.

Pratieghi → Fresciano → Caprile o Pratieghi → Fresciano → Montebotolino

On foot
By bike
By car

From Pratieghi, the main road stretches for approximately 5 kilometres before reaching the locality of Fresciano. From here, you can decide whether to travel another couple of kilometres to reach Caprile, or if you want to visit the Church of Madonna delle Grazie in Fresciano di Sotto and venture on foot to Montebotolino via one of the available trails.

Montebotolino badia tedalda veduta aerea

Montebotolino → Rofelle → San Patrignano → Badia Tedalda

On foot
By bike
By car

After visiting Montebotolino, the “village in paradise,” continue along the road and descend towards Rofelle. From there, in approximately 3 kilometres, you will reach the small inhabited centre of San Patrignano. If you decide to travel an additional 2 kilometres, you can arrive in Badia Tedalda, following the old municipal road which starts from San Patrignano (the Way of Francis in Tuscany).

Viamaggio → Palazzo dei Monaci

On foot
Technical clothing

This walk is suitable for those looking for a half-day nature hike ideal for those who have the appropriate clothing and footwear for mountain hiking.

Leave your car in the Viamaggio area and take the trail that descends beside the Church of S. Emidio. From here, you will reach Fattoria del Ferraiolo (Ironworkers Farm), traverse enchanting beech and centuries-old oak forests, and eventually arrive at the remains of the ancient, mysterious, and fascinating Palazzo dei Monaci.

palazzo dei monaci badia tedalda
Cascata del Presalino Badia Tedalda

Cascata del Presalino


The Presalino stream originates from the northern slopes of the Alpe della Luna and at its confluence with the Presale River, the evocative and similarly named waterfall is born - the Presalino Waterfall.
Located approximately 1.5 kilometres from the town centre of Badia Tedalda, you can stop and enjoy a lovely day in the midst of nature, thanks to the fully equipped tourist area near the waterfall, perfect for organising picnics with your friends and family!

While the Presalino Waterfall is not part of the Natural Reserve area, it remains an important reference for it: in fact, it constitutes the “gateway” from the northern side, thanks to a trail from here that allows you to reach the ridges of the Alpe della Luna.

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