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The Source of the Marecchia River

path length: 5.5 KM
Height difference: 290 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)
POINT OF DEPARTURE: Piazza di Pratieghi
On foot
Technical clothing

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Path Description

The Source of the Marecchia River is located on Mount Zucca, at about 930 meters above sea level, amidst a thick beech forest. Before flowing into the Adriatic Sea, the Marecchia runs through about 70 km of territory, giving its name to the valley where it flows (Valmarecchia ).

You can start from the parking lot in the center of the hamlet of Pratieghi and, walking for a few hundred meters on the road towards Balze, you take path 9 on the left side, which crosses an evocative area of gullies and clay marls. Take path 00 and then take path 9 again on the left, cross a forest of Beech trees and finally reach the source of the Marecchia River.

Along the path leading to the Marecchia Springs, you will also encounter Dante’s Spring (Fonte di Dante): Lungo il sentiero che porta alle Sorgenti del Marecchia si incontra inoltre la Fonte di Dante, a small spring where the Supreme Poet apparently stopped to quench his thirst while on his way to Romagna, invited by Uguccione della Faggiola.
Near the Source of the Marecchia River is located the Protected Natural Area of Local Interest (ANPIL) Nuclei di Taxus Baccata di Pratieghi.

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