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The Smugglers Way

path length: 8 KM
Height difference: 430 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)
POINT OF DEPARTURE: Strada della Luna
On foot
Technical clothing

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Historical Backgroung

Gorgascura valley and its isolated way are known as The Smugglers’ Way because it was used by smugglers carrying illegally the salt from Romagna and the tobacco from Valtiberina from nearly the beginning of the Second World War, so avoiding to pay duties. With their heavy sacks upon their backs, they went up till the Merge of Bucine, followed a stretch of ridge and then climbed down to follow other secret streets till Sansepolcro, where they unloaded the salt, loaded the tobacco and followed the same path backwards till Romagna. It is the natural continuation of the stretch described in the path 005, while that one between Montelabreve and Gorgascura is not accessible at the moment, because it is interrupted by a landslide.

Path Description

The ring path begins by the Moon Way, the dirt road connecting the Valleys of Presale and of Marecchia with that one of Metauro, that’s to say Badia Tedalda with Borgo Pace.
If you begin from Badia, after going beyond the Passage, you arrive at Montelabreve and, after a few km, you can see an isolated farmhouse on the right, Ca’ Metrogno – that’s the beginning.
From the main street, a forest way – initially climbing down to the stream, then after the ford, it goes up Gorgascura valley, cut through by the mainspring of the Auro stream – detaches on the right.
After, a less important way on the right coming from Gorgascura takes you to an isolated farmhouse overlooked by the remains of a fortress in an isolated and really beautiful place; it is worth making this deviation (30 minutes round-trip).
On the contrary, the signaled path keeps left and continues its rise – steep in some stretches towards the Quantarelle Hill, which you can reach at an altitude of 1000 m with a magnificent panorama on both the Alpe and the Ripa della Luna. In the hill, run into the path CAI 90B, which follows the ridge towards the Merge of Bucine.

But now the indicated path is the same as the path CAI, climbing down from the ridge immediately on the left towards Mount Vallandia. After a short and steep descent, follow a very panoramic ridge with some stretches free from vegetation, till an open space where you turn left, so leaving the path CAI and climbing clearly along the Acquaviva Moat. After fording a couple of streams (among which the main one, which is always full of water occupying the way), the path becomes the entry to the built up area of Acquaviva, which is now in the process of renovation.
At this point, even if it is unconnected, the street is passable, goes beyond the Frascineto isolated farmhouse, fords the stream and goes up to the Moon Way, so if you turn left, you come back to Ca’ Metrogno.

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