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The Saint Francis Path

path length: 12 KM
Height difference: 430 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)
RETURN: Circular Path
On foot
Technical clothing

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Path Description

The stretch of path between Pratieghi and Valdazze is a very ancient street of link between Romagna and Valtiberina. Among others, St. Francis and the pilgrims moving from the Adriatic area towards La Verna shrine and Assisi followed it.

After Valdazze, when you leave the provincial street, take into the stretch climbing down to Arsicci before, and then to Caprile: that’s an historic path connecting Valtiberina and the Valley of Marecchia, also known as the Frassineto road. After Caprile, where there was an Hospitale, it touched Fresciano, Montebotolino and Rofelle, to insert the Major Ariminensis road in Ranco.

The path has two entries in Badia Tedalda territory, from Caprile and from Pratieghi, from which you can insert the main ring path thanks to two different stretches.
From Pratieghi the path begins on the way taking to the graveyard, but before it a forest street on the left taking to Valdazze moves away the hairpin bend. Beyond it, a crossroads with some indications (among which, the Franciscan path from Rimini to La Verna) makes you understand that you are in the main ring path. Follow all the way towards Valdazze (4,7 km), go beyond there and continue on the paved street towards Pieve Santo Stefano.
After 1,2 km far from Valdazze, turn left on a forest street: you are now on the ancient Frassineto road; then climb down to the wood before and then to the boundary of some pastures till the paved street, in the proximity of Arsicci. After touching the paved street, turn left, enter Arsicci and take into the still downhill path towards Caprile after arriving to Arsicci’s small square in the same direction.
After going beyond the ford of a stream (800 m far from Arsicci) towards Pratieghi, go up on the left, while if you go straight, you arrive at Caprile.
If you want to go towards Pratieghi, turn left on the path going up, go beyond the farm in Terensauro (leave a road open to the light and an entrance gate on the right) and come back to the crossroads already overstep at the beginning and then to Pratieghi 3 km from the ford to Pratieghi).

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