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path length: 14 KM
Height difference: 990 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)
POINT OF DEPARTURE: Poggio la Piazzola
On foot
Technical clothing

We highly recommend you to always contact the Tourism Office in order to receive further and updated information about the paths and their accessibility.

Path Description

The trail starts from “Poggio la Piazzola,” which can be reached by car from Badia Tedalda by following the road to Monteviale and turning left before the cluster of houses of Monteviale; continue to follow the road until you reach a fork where, near an iron bar, you can leave your car and begin the walk.

From here take trail 19, following a winding lane and then a mule track that climbs along the ridge, reaching “Poggio il Ciocco.” The trail follows a consistently rather steep route until it reaches Trail 00 below Monte dei Frati, just in front of the junction of Trail 8/A, which descends to Pian della Capanna.
Follow path 00 uphill along the Alpe della Luna ridge, watershed between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic side, reaching Monte dei Frati (m 1453), the highest elevation of the chain. From the summit it’s possible to admire the dense vegetation of beech coppice, completely covering the horizon; descending on the ridge, you will reach the Ripa della Luna, where erosion has originated a spectacularly steep escarpment of friable rock, which plunges vertiginously toward the Presale valley, whose moon-slice shape gives its name to the entire mountain chain.
From here it is possible to admire a wide and spectacular panorama of the Marche Apennines sloping towards the Adriatic Sea.
Continuing along trail No. 00, just before arriving at Mount Maggiore there is a junction with the GEA (Grande Escursione Appenninica) trail – which comes from Bocca Trabaria and descends to the right towards Pian della Capanna – and with trail 5, which descends towards Monterano.

Take Trail 5, which follows a mule track on the left, amidst a beautiful beech forest, descending rapidly, with a series of switchbacks, to the ridge that slopes down to the Presale Valley. This descent from Mount Major should be enjoyed unhurriedly. Leaning over the ridge from time to time, one can admire an inaccessible and unspoiled area. Majestic is the view on the Sassi di Simone and Simoncello and Mount Carpegna. Once crossing Poggio Vallafio and Poggio Ciavattine, you take trail 29 and then trail 27, which takes you back to the starting point “Poggio La Piazzola”.

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