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path length: 5.5 KM
Height difference: E (Hiking)
difficulty: 290 MT
On foot
Technical clothing

We highly recommend you to always contact the Tourism Office in order to receive further and updated information about the paths and their accessibility.

Historical Background

Even if it is only a ruin, Monks’ Palace is really full of atmosphere. Originally (probably before the year 1000), it took in some Benedictine monks from all Europe, who here worked as amanuensis (practicing the art of transcription of sacred books such as the Holy Bible). Because of its geographical position, it was also an hospitale (from Latin). Abandoned by monks in the 15th century, during the 19th century it became a shelter for smugglers, who made some legends be born about this building. In the central wall you can still see the remains for carrying away the fresco representing the Madonna in throne among the Saints (14th century), today kept in the Civic Museum in Sansepolcro.

Path Description

The path begins from Viamaggio, along the Regional street going up from Badia to Passo di Viamaggio. Take the white next to the church (on the left if you arrive from Badia) and climb down till the farm of Frassineto (you have shortly found the path CAI 1). Go beyond the farm, and here at the exit gate (marked only by a chain) there is a crossroads: on the left you take the path CAI 1; on the contrary, our path continues on the right.
Now go up in a slight slope, which is regular but interrupted only by some ups and downs. The old street is well trodden till the highest glade, where it seems to lose itself; but actually if you follow the shape of the field on the right, take the old one before with the same regular course. As there are not many people walking there, it seems to be a wide path crossing a beautiful wood full of beeches and centuries-old turkey oaks and that fords some small streams.

After many fords (the last one is at about 3 km from the beginning ) beyond a gate in a pasture, the path goes up directly to the ruins of Monks’ Palace, inserting the path CAI 1 again.
If you want to come back, take the path CAI 1 on the left and follow it till the farm of Ferraiolo, and from here take towards Viamaggio.

Organized excursions

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