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The Cocchiola Stone

path length: 3 KM
Height difference: 231 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)
POINT OF DEPARTURE: Parco della Memoria - Badia Tedalda
RETURN: along the same route
On foot
Technical clothing

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Path Description

The departure is from the Memory Park (near the village and next to a small chapel and a memorial tablet); wantede by both the Badia Tedalda Municipality and Pro Loco and inaugurated in November 2011, the park reminds us of all the military and civil fallen during the Second World War. Inside the Park there are two educational paths through which visitors can observe the remains of the fortifications, as well as some reconstructed stations and special explanatory and information panels.

Follow the blue and yellow indications of the Park of the Gothic Line and then, going up in a few minutes, you arrive at the peak of the first hill overlooking Badia and the provincial street by following some stretches of the path. Here, even if you can’t easily see them, there is an emplacement for observation. By following the yellow and blue indications, go on along the ridge for a few minutes till a dirt street. Hence follow exactly that dirt street, which was the old street connecting Badia and Pratieghi, and in 45 minutes you reach for the Cocchiola Stone (at crossroads, please follow the helpful blue and yellow indications to find the right way). In some stretches, this old street has been on the top of a secondary street for the methane connection, but it is always well visible and recognizable.
Once arrived to the Cocchiola Stone, you can see the remains of a very complex of fortifications (of which it is easy to understand the uses, according to their shapes, sizes and positions). The descriptive schedule on the spot helps the tourists to know this place better.

This site has a peculiarity: because of its “panoramic” position, it was good for observation and anti-aircraft artillery, but in the meantime – as it was not very far from the Division headquarters and near the old street connecting Badia and Pratieghi – it was used also as a defensive garrison against an hypothetical land attack breaking down the Passage for Viamaggio In this sense, remember that, in addition to the visible remains many other posts (lost today) were in the surrounding area: they outlined a lattice till the headquarters in Badia thanks to some links arranged at a regular distance one from the other (an example of it is more or less at half of the path going up from Badia to the Stone – there you can see a post on the very boundary of the small street on the left).
You can come back by following the same path backwards (there are some options, too, for which you are requested to ask Park tourist guides).

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