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The Bridge Way

path length: 9 KM
Height difference: 500 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)
POINT OF DEPARTURE: Fresciano di Sotto
RETURN: Circular Path
On foot
Technical clothing

This path is only accessible during low river periods. We highly recommend you to always contact the Tourism Office in order to receive further and updated information about the paths and their accessibility.

Path Description

This path follows two important links between the two main roads crossing the territory of Badia Tedalda: the Frassineto and the Major Ariminensis roads. It takes you to visit the oldest holy places, the remains of the Roman bridge, the river environment of Marecchia and its most characteristic small villages.

It is a ring path: it can begin from both Fresciano and Rofelle; in any case, we suggest that you follow it anticlockwise.
It begins from the Madonna delle Grazie‘s shrine, in Fresciano di Sotto. The path quickly climbs down to the river, which was crossed in its narrowest point by a Roman stone bridge (now collapsed). Today you can reach the other bank of the Marecchia by crossing the Tibetan Bridge on the Vie di Francesco in Tuscany. So you take the old road that goes up the right orographic side of the river, you enter the hairpin bend of a carriage road and, taking a left, you begin to descend. After 150 m, turn left and climb down towards Tramarecchia firstly, and then towards the river again.

Go downhill the river-bed for approximately 200 m to go up towards the opposite side by following a suitable forest street; after going beyond a tributary of the Marecchia, you can see the remains of the Barucco’s Mill, which once ground corn from the surrounding fields (now nearly vanished) thanks to an important water system.
The forest street takes you to Rofelle, to the ancient church of St Mary, provided by documentary evidence from the 12th century. Here follow the paved street on the left for approximately 350 m, then – after going beyond the small village – leave the paved street to turn left and take in this way the path CAI 15, which goes up near to Montebotolino.
It is highly recommended to reach for Montebotolino, also because the deviation towards it is short; you can enjoy magnificent panoramas on the High Valley of Marecchia and on the Alpe della Luna from this entrenched small village, and also you can visit the small church of St Thomas (please, ask for information to Pro Loco).
When you come back to the path CAI 15, follow it till the street towards Fresciano, arriving at the very beginning (it is approximately 2,8 km far from Montebotolino).

Warnings: the itinerary can only be done during low river periods.

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