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Monte Verde

path length: 5.5 KM
Height difference: 472 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)
POINT OF DEPARTURE: Passo di Viamaggio
RETURN: along the same route
On foot
Technical clothing

We highly recommend you to always contact the Tourism Office in order to receive further and updated information about the paths and their accessibility.

Path Description

Passo di Viamaggio is the start point. Leave your car in the car park in front of the Imperatore hotel and take the path CAI 00 (the indications are next to the hotel). Now follow the path in constant but not hard uphill till Monte Verde for about an hour walking.
Along this path, in its boundaries and surroundings, you can see some remains – for both soldiers using rifles and machine-gunners – used to defend against an hypothetical land attack on the Passo di Viamaggio, where there were the gun batteries and come pieces of artillery shooting towards the Valley of Tiber. To be more exact, if you go up till the wood, on the left you can see two remains; forward there are two posts for gunfire nearer and nearer the path; finally, two posts for machine-gunners, which were broken off the main path, and now are under a hill with a flat peak (that was probably a post for observation).

In the summertime, the thick vegetation makes it difficult for tourists to see the posts, but remember that in this slope in 1944 there were no trees, so the posts – today hidden by vegetation – had a wide view. An example of this is in the Monte Verde peak: here, a big glade lets you see till the Valley of Tiber and Sansepolcro, one of the main objectives of the German army.
Once arrived to the proximity of Monte Verde, you can see:

a) an initial big hole on the right, remain of a post for gunfire;

b) the last portion of a trench is at few minutes before the peak, and if you follow it, you arrive to the northern-east ridge under the peak;

c) here, there are three big shelters for the army (today hidden by the wood beyond a fencing).

Now we suggest that you go on with the excursion and reach for Monte Macchione, an extremely interesting site as far as the remains of the Gothic Line are concerned, because it consists of another complex of fortifications keeping more or less all the kinds of posts built by the German army.
Follow the path CAI 00 climbing down till the forest street connecting the Viamaggio provincial road with Pian delle Capanne, and here turn right, leaving the 00 indications. Climb down slightly on the street for about more than 2 km, till the foot of Monte Macchione, the last steep spur of the ridge sloping down to the provincial street and the Valtiberina. A cattle path breaks off on the right and goes up till the peak firstly by crossing a field, and then taking the slope. Once here, if you move among the trees and the vegetation (thick in the summertime), you can see the remains of twelve posts connected by some trenches but not rearranged. These are mostly firing positions for riflemen and machine gunners. Finally, in the back side the hill (as regards the small path used as entrance), you can see the remains of a shelter for soldiers, and of an underground pillbox, but its entrance is partially collapsed. In any case, in order to visit Monte Macchione, you are requested to ask for information to the Park tourist guides on the spot.
You can come back by following the same path backwards for 4 hours walking; for people who prefer to use the car, so reducing the physical effort, you can leave a car in the proximity of the crossroads of the forestal street with the provincial one, ending the excursion in a few minutes.

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