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Monte dei Frati

path length: 5 KM
Height difference: 631 MT
difficulty: E (Hiking)
RETURN: along the same route
On foot
Technical clothing

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Path Description

You can reach the start point by car from Badia Tedalda in about 10 minutes (you must follow the directions for Monteviale and here turns left on the dirt road till Poggio La Piazzuola). Once left the car in the open space, before the bar on the left the path CAI 19, going up towards Monte dei Frati, breaks off. You take that path and follow it faithfully all the time.

In its first stretch, please note some different views on Val di Bruci, which was the “logistical basis” – during the German occupation – for building and later defending the posts on the Monte dei Frati. In fact, the German army succeeded in arriving there with some vehicles with engines; from there, they went uphill by foot or with their mules till possible.
If you follow the path, you can enjoy a panorama on the Monterano ridge, which was full of fortifications at that time. In this sense, please note that all the main fortifications (or most of them) were built in strategic places, and were also easy to see.

Remember also that in these Alpe della Luna areas, before and also during the presence of the German army, there were also the presence of some partisan groups, in particular the 5th Brigata Garibaldi “Pesaro” and the 22nd Brigata Garibaldi “P. Borri”. Before the fortifications of the Gothic Line, in these territories there were some partisan actions, some nazifascist sweeps, some battles and some shootings of captured partisans.
Once reached for the Monte dei Frati (it is 2 hours walking from Piazzuola), the yellow and blue indications of the Park of the Gothic Line let you arrive to the wide archaeological site; you seem to be more or less in front of a fortified “citadel”, used to hold the German anti-aircraft artillery.

Moreover, remember that on the Monte Maggiore peak (reachable in half an hour from the Monte dei Frati by following the path on the ridge) there was one of the main posts for observation in the whole area; today no traces remain of this structure, but you can see some “holes” and “emplacements” (remains of the service posts in that used for observation). From Monte dei Frati, to come back you can follow the same path backwards.

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