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3rd Republic and Volunteer Day

Badia Tedalda, Piazza L. Bonafede (Terrace overlooking Valmarecchia)

Event Description:

Republic Day celebration, community dinner on the Terrace over Valmarecchia and activities of local voluntary associations. Dedication of the Town Hall to Antonio Gentili.


7.00 pm Meeting in Piazza dei Tedaldi inside the curb of the fountain of the Town Hall, greeting from the Mayor and all the Representatives of the Volunteer Associations operating in the area

7.15pm Playback of the Mameli Hymn in the presence of the Carabinieri

7.20pm Antonio Gentili, the Mayor of the post-war reconstruction in memory of Vadero Maccari and Angiolino Gentili

7.30 pm Dedication of the Town Hall in memory of the late Mayor Emeritus of Badia Tedalda, Antonio Gentili

8.00 pm Small refreshments for all participants

Citizens are warmly invited to participate in the event