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Visitor Centre

The Gateway to the Natural Reserve Moon Alp.

Hiking and excursions

On foot, by bike or by car to discover Badia Tedalda and surroundings


Festivals, celebrations and meeting occasions to live our territory

Alpe della Luna Nature Reserve

A treasure trove of natural wonders

Dense beechwoods, breathtaking scenery crossed by waterfalls and naturally formed rock pools Sandstone walls, gorges, waterfalls. The Alpe della Luna Nature Reserve boasts many natural treasures in a totally intact and wild environment, reachable only through winding forest paths; a unique land which also inspired the art of Piero della Francesca.

Historical and Religious Traces

in Badia Tedalda


Valmarecchia has always been a land of transit, and even St. Francis travelled through it several times. During one of these journeys, in May 1213, Francis, accompanied by Brother Leo, arrived at the castle of Montefeltro (the ancient name for San Leo) and preached in the square in front of many people and nobles. Visit with us the paths walked by St. Francis and the significant places in his history


Inside the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel it is possible to admire five splendid glazed terracotta pieces by Benedetto and Santi Buglioni, pupils of della Robbia. All created according to the traditional Robbiana chrome pigments: the white glazing of all the figures and the blue and green of background scenery being typical, as well as the yellow of some finishes.

Local Museum and Visitor Centre

An exhibition and interactive itinerary

The small yet distinctive museum of Tuscan Alta Valmarecchia, can be found on the lower floor of the Visitors Centre. It provides a broader look into the local historical and religious background of the area.

The Historical Park of the Gothic Line

An open-air museum

The territory of Badia Tedalda was considered strategically important by the Germans during World War II and became the “heart” of the defensive system known as the Gothic Line.

Badia Tedalda borgo badia alta

Luna Nuova

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A collection of anecdotes, stories and curiosities about the territory of Alta Valmarecchia and Alpe della Luna.

Badia Tedalda for Kids

Guided tours arranged for school classes in our Visitor Centre

Throughout the year, our Visitor Centre provides the opportunity to set up educational activities and guided tours for schools. These are specifically devised to raise awareness of the natural environment in young people at every stage of education.